Welcome to Sourashtra Organization

We are team of Socail workers, committed to build our community

Sourashtra Organization

This organization is for all sourashtrains. Be a part of this organization to make our world better.

Organisation Goal

To help others, who are in need.

Be a Trainer

Join us become a trainer in what you are. guide others to bring to light.

Senior Citizen's Benefit Center

All senior citizen's who are above 60 will get benifits from us.

sriman natana gopal nayagi swamyji

About us

We are the group of members, dedicated for development our community.

Be a part of us.

Our Future development goals are

Join Us to know.

Social Services

Be a part of us to server others.

Telephone Directory

Get in touch with other fellow sourashtrian. Know where our people are living, and get in touch with them.


Looking for matrimony alliances, Find all who are in seek of bridges/grooms

Looking for Job

Our community people are there to help you to get a right job for you.

Business Directory

To know the businesses run by our people, get help from them to start new or improve your existing one.

Our People Our Place

We are building our layout, (Awre Menkan Awre Gawn)

Our Temple

Join hands to build temple for our community.

Our Mission

All together become stronger and secure.

Our Plan

Build community with all our community people to achive the oneness among us where ever you live.

Our Vision

To be recognised by everyone. We exists

Our Care

We care everyone who are in need.


You are our team. Join us to make a team










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You have any sort of query. Few are answered here rest you can ask us.


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